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At BUDGET BEDS & CONTRACT FURNITURE (South Wales), we make it simple to add style to your home. Whether your tastes are traditional, vintage or modern, our expansive assortment of home goods provides endless possibilities for self-expression. Our unique products are of exceptional quality and value. Shop now and see for yourself!


Positive Feedback

Skyler Adelson

“The prices at BUDGET BEDS & CONTRACT FURNITURE (South Wales) are unbeatable and the quality of the products are amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to find beds & furniture for my Rental Properties.

  Plus, the sales team knows exactly what will look great in each room.  They come out and do a walk around which is so re-assuring I'm not only getting quality products, but also fantastic Customer Support.”

Quinn Davies

“Any time I need a specific item for my HMO I always find it at BUDGET BEDS & CONTRACT FURNITURE (South Wales). I’ve been coming for years, and even if I moved across the Severn Bridge, I’d remain a loyal customer.”

Jessie Brown

“The shopping experience with BUDGET BEDS & CONTRACT FURNITURE (South Wales) is always fun, easy and convenient. There’s no reason to shop anywhere else for home goods! The big chains just don’t have the same warm environment. I’ll always be a devoted shopper.”